By Brent Humphries, PMP, vice president of marketing

Did you know that Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge? That you can't read music without a FACE? That some trumpets are played with only one finger? If so, then you learned to read sheet music the same way I did, where the five horizontal lines on the musical staff represent the notes E, G, B, D, and F, and the spaces in between represent F, A, C, and E. If not, then you've yet to face the Escape Chambers' escape room, The Composer.

As a team-building exercise, the Communications & Marketing team for the Central Iowa Chapter of the Project Management Institute accepted the challenge of solving The Composer escape room at Escape Chambers in Des Moines. The challenge was simple: solve the puzzles and recover the eighth sonata of a musical genius before time runs out.

Six team members undertook the challenge. None of them were musicians, but everyone gave their best effort, including crawling under and around furniture, writing clues on their hands and arms (since writing on the wall would cause disqualification), and reaching into their individual and collective memories for every scrap of musical knowledge they possessed. Unfortunately, the team ended up about six measures short of enough time to solve the last puzzle and rescue the eighth sonata, but a good time was had by all, and the team proved that they can pull together and face the challenges in front of them.

On the subject of incomplete puzzles, it would be remiss to leave out that there are two parts in the Marketeers' Chorus that are not yet filled: director of marketing and director of newsletter. If you can blend well into a chorus as well as carry the occasional solo part, consider warming up your vocal chords or grabbing an instrument. Your talents and energy would be a welcome addition to the complex harmonies of this particular jam band.