Continuing Certification Requirements is the program of maintaining your Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. This program was formerly called the Professional Development Program (PDP). To maintain the PMP certification an individual must satisfy the Professional Development Units of the CCR and adhere to a Code of Ethics. Below are informational links about maintaining certification:

1. Revised CCR Handbook

Click here to view the Revised Handbook for the Continuing Certification Requirements Program (formerly Professional Development Program).

2. Accumulating PDUs (Professional Development Units)

Professional Development Units are what you need to acquire to maintain your certification as specified in the CCR program.
All PMPs are encouraged to start accumulating PDUs immediately following their date of certification. Although certification may not "technically begin" until the calendar year following the year of certification, all PDUs that a PMP obtains from the date of certification to their expiration date count toward their 60 PDU requirement. For example, if you receive your PMP in 2001, you can start submitting your PDUs in 2001 and you have until 2004 (3 years including 2002, 2003 & 2004) to earn a total of 60 PDUs. PMPs would fill out the Activities Reporting Forms the same way.
 If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the VP of Education and Certification vp-education or the Director of Professional Development Units director-pdu-cert

3. Submitting PDUs

PDUs can be submitted online via

4. What's New with CCR

For Information on breaking news with PMP Continuing Certification Requirements follow this link to the national web site:

5. Self-Directed Learning Update

The self-directed learning component of Category 2 (of the Continuing Certification Requirements Program) has been reinstated. PMPs can now submit self-directed learning activities that will count toward their PDU credits.

Individuals may claim up to a maximum of 15 PDUs over the three-year cycle for activities, which fall under the self-directed learning category. Examples of such activities include: conducting independent research, reading project management related books, or CD-ROM type programs designed specifically for independent study. In all cases, PMPs are required to state one or more learning objectives for the activity, which demonstrate how participation improved their project management knowledge or skills.

Feel free to contact the VP of Education and Certification vp-education if you have any questions.