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Featured Member - Mary Porter

Featured Member


{Katie} Tell us about project management in your current role.

{Mary"I work for an insurance company in Des Moines. I lead a variety of projects from small to large (cost in the millions) and also work with a variety of stakeholders. The art of what we do is really the best part because it grants me the opportunity to get to know people across the organization. Coming up soon, I will be assigned to a new strategic project that will be fun. The difference in projects is really the best because no two days are the same."

{Katie} How have you been involved with the chapter over the years?

{Mary} "I attempt to attend as many chapter meetings as I canI always attend PDD. I also enjoy the member only events like the December Trivia Night and the Iowa State Fair outing. Back in 2014, the chapter partnered with DMACC and organized a PMP prep group which I was able to be a part of. It really helped me prepare for the exam and I was able to pass the first time."

{Katie} Do you have any advice for people seeking to get the PMP certification?

{Mary"I highly recommend a PMP prep class of any type. I think study groups are also helpful because of the accountability and it's nice to interact with other people who are studying. Oh, and take practice exams! They give you an idea of where you are at and where you need to focus study efforts."

{Katie} Tell us 5 random facts about you!

  1. Currently on the Board of Education at Saint Anthony's where my children attend classes. It's the first, and currently only, fully established, full Spanish immersion school in Des Moines. They have grades Kindergarten through 8th.
  2. I love to travel!
  3. I've recently donated about 10 inches of hair to a charitable organization. I've done this 4 or 5 times and am growing it out again.
  4. My family has a beer (Schaben's Pilsner) named after us and also a park (Schaben Park) in Harrison County between Woodbine and Dunlap, Iowa.
  5. My father is 1 of 14 kids, which also means I have 60 first cousins!

{Katie} Please tell us the first thoughts that come to mind when I say the following words:

{Katie} Sponsor / Business Owner / Product Owner

{Mary} "Executive."

{Katie} Waterfall

{Mary} "Methodology."

{Katie} Agile

{Mary} "Scrum."

{Katie} Scope creep

{Mary"Gold plating."

{Katie} Change



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