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How Empowered Are Changemakers By You - Sinikka Waugh, PMP (Virtual)


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Title: How Empowered Are Changemakers By You?

Date/Time: delivered live/virtually, July 26, 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM Central Time via Zoom,

Presenter: Sinikka Waugh, PMP

Cost: Free

PDU's: 1


Learning Objectives:

By attending this session, participants can expect to

• Evaluate your own ability to enable change

• Explore how project management principles can foster successful change in your world

• Become better equipped to identify and empower changemakers around you

Session Abstract:

Change is inevitable; change is relentless; change is coming at us faster than ever. Of the many things we could say about change, one thing we don’t say about change is that it’s “wildly popular” or “often greeted with open arms”. Why is that? How empowered are changemakers anyway? If changemakers are the folks who are going to make the little stuff as well as the big stuff happen in our organizations and in our worlds, then we need the changemakers to be empowered. And whether you read “by” as “near” or “as a result of”, the question remains… “How empowered are changemakers by you?” Join us for this engaging and interactive quick hit session to help you improve your own ability to enable change and empower changemakers wherever you find yourself with our very own Central Iowa Chapter member and popular international speaker and trainer Sinikka Waugh of Your Clear Next Step as she offers a sneak peek at her August 11th full-day workshop making its world premiere here in Central Iowa.

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