PDD 2018 Exercise Your Mind: Speaker Series - Episode 4

"The Psychology, Art, and Science of Gathering Business Requirements"

Anthony Reed, CPA, PMP has over 25 years in project management and IT executive positions. His area of expertise is implementing multi-million dollar, international business applications. The business, IT, travel, and sports publications which have featured him include the PMI Today, Dallas Morning News,Runner's World, USA Today, Ebony, Southern Living, and the Journal of Accountancy.

Gathering business requirements is the litmus test for a project's success. Success is defined as being on time, within scope, and at or below budget. If the requirements are wrong or incomplete, the project will be unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, while the methodologies work "on paper" and "in theory," they generally fail once people are added to the mix. Anthony Reed's presentation focuses on the psychology, art, and science of gathering business requirements. 

The Session 1 will focus on:
- The Concept
- Historical Overview of Methodologies
- Who We Are & How Did We Get Here
- Managing & Motivating Team Members & Executives
- Training the Business Analysts

The Session 2 will focus on:
- Selling The Business Requirements Process To Executive
- The Art Of Managing Difficult Stakeholders

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Featured Member... Bridget Johnson
PDD 2018 Exercise Your Mind: Speaker Series - Epis...


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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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