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PDD 2018 Exercise Your Mind: Speaker Series - Episode 5


Marketing as an Experiment 


Joe Dager is a Lean practitioner (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) that specializes iPublish Post Once published, the post will appear on the blog listingn Service Design and Sales and Marketing. Most of his recent work has been in SaaS discipline working with organizations in the Business Development area and to onboard external groups such as affiliate, re-sellers and reward programs. He has also managed and worked closely with their sales and marketing teams and even been that department for some. 

Joe has hands-on experience in the implementation of marketing strategies to include direct and indirect sales development. He is well-versed in digital marketing and the traditional marketing concepts of lead generation, advertising, and public relations. In fact, in today's world, he believes, they are so interconnected, why struggle to separate them? 


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