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PDD 2023: Flexible Authenticity


Flexible Authenticity by Spencer Horn


Who is Spencer Horn?

Spencer is the President of Altium Leadership. He has previously been the CEO of a leadership development company and Vice President of a NASDAQ company, which developed IMAX theaters in tourist destinations. There he worked with major organizations such as IMAX Corp., National Geographic Television, Radio City Productions, Disney Films and more. He has been speaking professionally since 2009. He has been speaking and presenting at PMI chapter development conferences since 2010 and has been a regular speaker at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) North America Conference, since 2014 and the closing keynote speaker of LIM AP & NA 2021. He is speaking again at LIM 2023. He is consistently one of the highest rated speakers for the yearlong, PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) since 2015.

Businesses globally look to Spencer as an enthusiastic, insightful source for counsel and advice on developing productive and focused corporate cultures. Spencer draws upon his 31 years of executive experience to reenergize seasoned and emerging professionals and increase organizational effectiveness. He inspires change, to develop: a powerful culture, effective communication, high performing teams, and engagement.


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Flexible Authenticity: Paradox or Necessity?

Attendees will learn the crucial skill of adapting their leadership style to achieve the results they desire. Leadership and behavioral expert, Spencer Horn, will delve into various leadership styles. He’ll show us how to overcome our rigid view of authenticity by embracing our own discomfort, to effectively use weaknesses in many circumstances. Attendees will also discover how to navigate new promotions, receive feedback, and self-advocate, all while staying true to their values! This fascinating topic will provide valuable insights. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.

What can you expect to take-a-way from this presentation?

  • Identify your leadership strength and weaknesses
  • Personal plan and strategy to strengthen blind spots and weaknesses
  • Confidence to "show up" for your team in ways they need
  • Improve your reputation and personal brand
  • Breakthrough barriers to growth
  • Breakthrough barriers to rigid thinking
  • Set the stage for team performance and organizational change


Join us for Pro Dev Day 2023 “Delivering the Future”!

September 14-15, 2023

Register today!  Visit www.prodevday.com for more information. 

Have a group that would like to attend together?  We offer corporate discounts available for groups of 10 or more attendees.  Email support@prodevday.com for more information on our corporate rates and registering your group.

Presented by: PMI of Central IndianaPMI of Central IllinoisPMI of Central Iowa


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