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PDD 2023: Becoming a Warrior


Becoming a Warrior by Jenn Donahue


Who is Jenn Donahue?

Jenn Donahue PhD is a retired US Navy Captain and former Commodore for an 1,800 personnel Regiment. She is also a civil engineer who works on large scale, high profile geotechnical projects. Over her 27-year military career, Jenn has built a bridge across the Euphrates River in the midst of the Iraq war, commanded an 800-personnel Battalion in Afghanistan, and constructed combat outposts in the middle of deserts filled with insurgents.

Jenn has led earthquake and tsunami reconnaissance missions in places like Samoa and Japan; designed the seismic plans for a bridge over the Panama Canal; and built roads by blasting and drilling in the coldest climes of Ketchikan. Astonishingly, Jenn has even served as the seismology expert at no fewer than five nuclear power plants.

Along the way she mentored scores of young leaders. Today Jenn runs JL Donahue Engineering. She also lectures at UC Berkeley and UCLA.


What can you expect to take-a-way from this presentation? 

  1. Identify the key factors that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams
  2. Describe the steps to overcome fear, indecision, or disorientation to plan a path for success
  3. Discuss the benefits of pushing through the obstacles that stand in your way

The world needs more warriors...

Warriors are men and women looking to become agents of change for the betterment of their own lives and the world around them. A warrior is someone who is willing to stand up for what is right. A warrior leans into their strengths to overcome the imposter syndrome that might be holding them back. A warrior may be afraid sometimes but continues on with courage when it’s hard to take that first step. A warrior stands up for themselves and others and wants to see their people do well and be heard.

This is our time to dare to rise. Are you ready to become a warrior?

Real world warrior Jenn Donahue will share experiences from her military and civilian career with insights about how she gained traction to overcome barriers and how you can enact change in your own life to achieve your dreams.


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Stay tuned for more information on speakers, workshops, and details around PDD 2023.  We hope to see you there!!


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