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PMI-CIC Collaborate to Succeed Volunteer Opportunities!


Lori Chambers, PMI-CIC Director of Collaborate to Succeed, held an outreach session with United Way recently and walked away with many fantastic opportunities for Project Managers to give back! Please read on to discover how you can help!


Technology Projects range from assisting ISU and Grand View classrooms to a variety of non-profits. The ISU and Grand View projects require volunteers to attend classes during the reviews of students' progress. These classes take place on week nights. 

ISU Class review schedule:

The role we are looking to fill is a PM to assist the Student PM and project team to create a website or some type of database. The ISU students would like you to attend 4 of their classes to present their work and get more input for additional development. The classes are from 6:25 pm to 9:25pm on the following days:

1. Kickoff meeting on 1/14/19 with a backup date of 1/28/19.

2. Project Charter review on 2/11/19.

3. Demo of Initial Design on 3/25/19.

4. Final Presentation of finished technical project on 4/29/19 with a back up date of 5/6/19

Grand View University Review Schedule:

Grandview has evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the months of March and April (8 Weeks total). We will meet weekly with the students and the nonprofit. The project is run in an agile "like" methodology. Whether we meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays is open for discussion. 


Many of the non-profits voiced needing guidance on how to best utilize the technology they currently own and how to maximize resources. These projects appear to be process improvement or Lean oriented.

Please contact Lori Chambers for more information!

Lori Chambers, PMP


Cell: 515-689-0616


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