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PMI-CIC: Dan Pink, Enterprise Agile & YOU!

Monthly Chapter Meeting

PMI-CIC: Dan Pink, Enterprise Agile & YOU!



Did you know that the research in Dan Pink’s renown book “DRiVE” revealed part of why Agile works? In DRiVE he revealed the core principle that Knowledge Workers – the kind you have on your teams – are motivated by Autonomy, Master and Purpose. If you want to AMP your team up, then be sure they have Autonomy, Master and Purpose. Coincidentally, enterprise agility pivots to success by integrating best practices that deliver those 3 elements!


But there are three questions you should be asking yourself.


* Am I one of those successful PMP®s using core Agile practices without knowing it?

* Am I waiting for an “Important and Urgent” crisis – like an unexpected “career transition” – to force me to invest in myself?

* Do I really think that Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, (FAANG) haven’t changed my customer’s expectations and therefore my career needs?


Opportunity knocks, but it does so softly. Are you listening?


You do not have to be a PMP or a Scrum Master to get great value out of this Enterprise Agile class special. That is why the Chapter is collaborating with GR8PM to bring it to YOU!


We are offering 3 classes, all delivered virtually in 3.5-blocks, so you can take them from the comfort of your in-home office while you are sheltering-in-place. The classes and schedule are:

  • GR8PM Lean Fundamentals (2 Sessions) at 7:30AM on Tues/Thurs, 06/16 & 06/18
  • GR8PM Agile Fundamentals (2 Sessions) at 3:30PM on Mon/Weds, 06/22 & 06/24
  • PMI’s DA Lean Scrum Master (4 Sessions) at 7:30AM on Tues - Fri, 07/07-07/10


The Member Early Bird prices EXPIRE TODAY… Friday, May 22nd!

  • GR8PM Lean Fundamentals, 7 PDUs, and Member Early Bird for only $197
  • GR8PM Agile Fundamentals, 7 PDUs, and Member Early Bird for only $197
  • PMI’s DA Lean Scrum Master, 14 PDUs, and Member Early Bird for only $697


Register now at https://www.gr8pm.com/dalsm-2020-07.  And use the Member Code PMICIC-50 during checkout to save an additional $50 off the DA Lean Scrum Master class!


The PMI-CIC Board is committed to helping your career flourish. We believe this Disciplined Agile certification opportunity does that. Get more info on our website or go to https://www.gr8pm to sign up.


Best regards,


Jeff Tuttle,

PMI-Central Iowa

Vice President, Professional Development


PS – By now you know, you can check out video #4 at https://vimeo.com/416464679.

PSS – And videos #1, #2 and #3 at https://vimeo.com/416461324 and https://vimeo.com/416462766 and https://vimeo.com/416463990.


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