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PMI-CIC: Quick Update – Enterprise Agile Class Special (28 PDUs)

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PMI-CIC: Quick Update – Enterprise Agile Class Special (28 PDUs)  


I'll keep this brief.

If you had to bet on which of two identical farmers wins - the one who fertilizes their crops or the one who doesn't - which would you choose?

It is obvious that those who invest in their career win; and btw, regular small doses of fertilizer work better than huge doses when you find yourself unexpectedly in transition. Simple truths, and the Central Iowa Chapter wants to make then easy for you to apply.

PMI is pouring a ton of resources, and soon a huge marketing campaign, into making the world aware that Disciplined Agile (DA) is an amazing Scaled Agile Toolkit for unleashing enterprise success. That is why the Central Iowa Chapter is bringing you an Enterprise Agile class special with 28 PDUs available... and the path to becoming a PMI Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP)... soon to be the hottest certification in PMI history according to our partner, GR8PM. 

We are offering 3 classes, all delivered virtually in 3.5 hour blocks, so you can take them from the comfort of your in-home office while you are sheltering-in-place.

The classes and schedule are:

  • GR8PM Lean Fundamentals (2 sessions) at 7:30 AM on Tues/Thurs, 06/16 & 6/18
  • GR8PM Agile Fundamentals (2 sessions) at 3:30 PM on Mon/Weds, 6/22 & 6/24
  • PMI's DA Lean Scrum Master (4 sessions) at 7:30 AM on Tues-Fri, 7/7-7/10

Grab the Member Early Bird price and you save a bundle!

  • GR8PM Lean Fundamentals, 7 PDUs, and Memebr Early Bird for only $197!
  • GR8PM Agile Fundamentals, 7 PDUs, and Member Early Bird for only $197!
  • PMI's DA Lean Scrum Master, 14 PDUs, and Member Early Bird for only $697!

Register now HERE and use the Member Code PMICIC-50 during checkout to save an additional $50 off the DA Lean Scrum Master class!

The PMI CIC Board wants to help you maximize your career with a Disciplined Agile certification.

Best regards,



Jeff Tuttle

PMI Central Iowa Chapter

Vice President, Professional Development

PS - 

If you want to understand the details of Disciplined Agile certification, please view the video HERE.


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