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Professional Development Day Featuring Anne Bonney



Key Take-a-Ways

• Connection skills that immediately impact your culture with greater engagement, collaboration and motivation, resulting in increased productivity
• Reduce “water cooler” talk that negatively influences attitudes within the workplace
• Improve individual performance and reduce unwanted behaviors

You need to be savvy to lead teams in today’s workplace. You’ve got different generations with varying levels of experience, cultural assumptions and the never-ending change happening in your industry, organization and team. Your best bet for success is to be the kind of leader your people WANT to follow.
In this engaging (and fun!) presentation, Change Management Authority Anne Bonney will ignite your leadership with skills that will heat up your team’s motivation and performance. Teaching connection, communication and delegation to get even better output from your team; Anne will bring you rapid-fire content to reduce turnover, increase engagement and productivity directly impacting your culture so positivity and collaboration catch fire, and create an inferno of goal achievement and satisfied customers. Who doesn’t want that?


About the Speaker

Anne Bonney is a fun, energetic international keynote speaker and courage ignitor. She is an authority on Change Management, two-time author, host and creator of Dancing in the Discomfort Zone Podcast and an experienced virtual and in-person presenter. After 20 years in highly successful corporate and non-profit leadership positions, Anne, now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite YOUR courage to build resilience in change, take on difficult communication and thrive with emotional intelligence.


Stay tuned for more information on speakers, workshops, and details around PDD 2023.  We hope to see you there!!



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