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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for ISU Technology Partnership

We are currently looking for a few project managers for our technology partnership with ISU. 

This partnership is with an ISU class in the Master of Information System (MIS) program that that focuses on the following skills:
  • developing free of charge websites
  • creating fundraising data bases
  • moving data to the cloud
  • moving information to other data bases
This a free service and a great way to help impact students' learning experience! They always love a new challenge!

The ISU students would like you to attend the following classes to present their work to you and receive additional input for further development. The classes are typically Monday evenings and we are predicting class attendance days of:

  • Kickoff meeting on 1/22/20
  • Project Charter review meetings every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:55 pm virtually
  • Demo of Initial Design
  • Final Presentation of finished technical project end of April 

Let me tell you a little more about us: 

Collaborate to Succeed (C2S) is a volunteer program sponsored by the Project Management Institute-Central Iowa Chapter (PMI-CIC) that supports member project managers engaging with local not-for-profit organizations to the benefit of all involved – organization, volunteer, chapter and community. The goal is to provide project management services and/or advise organizations on how they can use project management methodology to get more value out of their projects. 

We can help by: 

  • Mentoring existing staff on use of project management techniques with internally driven projects to improve project 

  • Acting as the project manager by providing short-term support on a specific project. 
  • Offering additional development support as part of our partnership with Iowa State University and their information 

    systems capstone class to help with specific needs, such as development of a mobile app or website creation or 


    *Implementation into an existing online environment, hosting applications or websites, and ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and/or their vendor. PMI-CIC is not able to assist with any integration expenses. The PMI-CIC project manager will assist in scope definition as needed with the sponsoring organization and the student-led teams. Our assistance is in the form of content development and administrative functions for use by organization in its ongoing support. 

    Thank you for your interest in our program I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 

Twee Duong, Director of Collaborate to Succeed
Cell Phone: 515.657.1841


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