Mentoring Program

Registration is now open for both mentoring tracks. Read on to learn about our mentoring track choices. Register today to secure your spot!



Program Overview

Why Get Involved?

The purpose of the PMI Central Iowa Chapter Mentoring program is to foster professional development and advancement in project management by connecting individual mentors and mentees beyond the immediate working environment.

Do you have years of experience managing complex projects, a drive to share your knowledge and want to grow your professional network? Or, are you a new project manager in the PMI Central Iowa Chapter looking to make connections, expand your knowledge and further your career?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this program is the right fit for you!


Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. We offer two mentoring tracks to our members.


Professional Mentoring: This track offers the full mentoring experience over the course of 6 months. After pairings and training from PMI CIC, partners will determine their frequency of meetings and embark on the journey together. While the time commitment is up to the mentoring pair, 1-2 hours per month is recommended to foster successful outcomes.

Career Development Mentoring: This track was designed to provide mentors and mentees a channel specific to growing their professional careers, expand networks, and seek career advancement guidance from professionals in our Chapter. The program lasts 3 months and parings are made twice a year, or more frequently as demand allows.

Registration is now open for both mentoring tracks. Register today to secure your spot!

Mentor Benefits

  • Share your wealth of knowledge
  • Grow and develop leadership skills
  • Gain new perspectives and experiences
  • Sharpen your project management skills
  • Earn PDUs

Mentee Benefits

  • Enhance leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Gain real-life knowledge
  • Obtain creative inspiration to take to work the next day
  • Grow communication skills and network
  • Earn PDUs

More Information

Additional information about our Mentoring Program review our Frequently Asked Questions. Once you are ready to commit, complete the mentor or mentee application to get started. If more information, please contact the Director of Mentoring.


The PMI Central Iowa Mentoring Program is a volunteer networking opportunity. The PMI Central Iowa Chapter provides no guarantee regarding the development or career growth of participants. The chapter provides only a framework, an opportunity for participants who hope to be enhanced by this program, but the results are the responsibility of, and are completely determined by, the participating mentors and mentees. Issues/situations discussed during the mentoring program are strictly confidential between mentor and mentee.